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A little bit about Eversley Parish Council (EPC)

The Parish Council consists of eight councillors, all of whom are unpaid volunteers. EPC is supported by a part-time Parish Clerk, who is the only paid Officer of the Council. The Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month to make decisions about a wide range of matters that affect the Parish. These include financial and budgetary issues, commenting on planning applications, improving road safety in the village, keeping footpaths clear and looking after the many green spaces for which it has responsibility. The agendas and minutes of meetings are publicised on the noticeboard at the Village Hall, in the Parish Magazine and on the Facebook page of  Eversley Matters. All residents are very welcome to attend the meetings.

There is an Annual Parish Assembly when residents meet Parish and District Councillors over a drink and nibbles and can put questions to them. The meeting is advertised in the usual places, so please come along.

The Open Spaces Committee (OSC) is the only Standing Committee of the Parish Council. The OSC’s main purpose is to ensure that all the green spaces for which the Parish has responsibility, are well maintained.  OSC meets on the second Tuesday of every month and is also a meeting held in public which the public are welcome to attend.

The Parish Council is funded mainly through a Precept. This is a small charge on each household in the Parish that is collected with Council Tax. This cash is supplemented by burial fees, grants that may be available and, on occasion, money raised by residents.  We use this cash to do the things described below.

What Eversley Parish Council does

  • Promote and foster a community
  • Maintain and improve the amenities in the village such as bus shelters and play areas.
  • Protect and enhance the environment. Eversley is rightly proud of its rural “feel” and places great importance on keeping the green spaces for which it has responsibility in good order. These include verges, footpaths, grassed areas and trees
  • keeping the village clear of litter.
  • Ensure that others such as the District and County Councils and other relevant organisations also play their part to meet their statutory or civic responsibilities. This may include better traffic management and taking steps to reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Submitting comments on planning applications that may have a significant effect on the Parish.
  • Representing the Parish at meetings held by the County and District Councils and other organisations.
  • Supporting local clubs and organisations.

Eversley Parish Council Invites you to play your part to make the village an even better place in which to live

Don’t wait – just do it!
  • Become a Parish Councillor. Why not let the Parish Clerk know that you are interested so that she can tell you when a vacancy arises?
  • Join the Speedwatch team – click here for more information
  • Join our enthusiastic team of volunteers to help keep our green spaces beautiful.
  • Come to our Parish Council meetings and let us know what you think.