Cross Green Pond Renovation

Eversley Parish Council is considering renovation of the Pond at Cross Green.

The pond on Cross Green is the focal point of Cross Green Eversley.  The images shoe the pond as it is currently.

Eversley Parish Council recognises that the pond needs a complete refurbishment to halt the silting process and restore it so it can be a valuable local resource.

The pond at Cross Green has never had any real maintenance works since it was first built many decades ago and has been neglected for many years and not only is the pond looking unsightly but appears to be deteriorating to such an extent that wildlife is disappearing from the area and the trees are so over grown that very little light is there and many trees have grown over the pond. The pond is also a health and safety issue where the silt is deep around the eroded banks which makes it extra dangerous for children and pets to fall into. 

What do we want to do?

Phase 1 –Tree Work
The trees will be cut back from the bank and all the overhanging branches removed.

Phase 2 -De- Silting and bank restoration
Over the years a significant amount of silt has built up. The banks have eroded and need to be reinstated. The banks will be re- profiled and the island will be made slightly larger using nicospan retention membrane. The silt removed from the pond will be used to repair these areas. Excess silt will be moved to a designated area on site. It will be allowed to dry and will be sown with a wild flower mix.

The pond will be allowed to refill naturally.

The Council will make a final decision about the project at its meeting in October. If you have any comments or questions please contact Eversley Parish Council -01252 876 924 all enquiries to be submitted by Monday 1st October