Community Speed Watch Needs You!

The Road Safety Working Group, in association with Eversley Parish Council, is looking for volunteers to train to take part in conducting occasional speed watches at various points in the village.

This initiative is about educating motorists about speeding; helping motorists, who are speeding to recognise their driving habits, so they can choose to slow down.

In a nutshell, all participants need to take part in a brief training session, then about every other month 3 volunteers will stand, in provided hi-vis jackets, close to the Vehicle Activated Sign (flashes what speed a vehicle is doing and flashes ‘slow down if it is going over the speed limit) and note down vehicle registrations of any vehicle exceeding the road’s speed limit by more than 10%.  A member of the Road Safety Working Group will then upload any data to the local police’s system and advisory letters will be sent out explaining that speeding is unacceptable to the local community.

Training is provided and the more volunteers we have the more the commitment can be shared.  We hope that by raising awareness of speed on our roads everyone will be a little bit safer.  If you are interested please contact



Speedwatch result 15 October 2017 – Longwater Road

First Time Offenders exceeding the speed limit