Eversley Burial Ground

Eversley Burial Ground is owned and maintained by Eversley Parish Council (EPC).   It forms an extension to the Eversley Graveyard, which is owned by the Eversley and Bramshill Parochial Church Council.   Both the Eversley Churchyard and Graveyard have been closed for burials but are maintained on behalf of Hart District Council by EPC.

EPC’s policy used to be to maintain a lawned cemetery that matched the character of the village.   However, as a variety of monuments have been permitted over the years, EPC has agreed that it is not now possible to insist on level, grassed plots.   EPC still believes that certain limitations are necessary in order to preserve the character and visual amenity of the burial ground as a whole; to respect the graves that already exist; and to prevent future maintenance costs being excessive.



The Parish Council regrets that applications for burial or ashes interment in the village burial ground of people who were not resident in Eversley or Bramshill WILL BE REFUSED. This is because space is extremely limited. Please click on the link to the EPC Burial Ground Rules – 2022 for more information.

The Parish Council does not want to add to your distress by having to refuse permission to bury your deceased family member in Eversley if they aren’t eligible, so please apply instead to the cemetery in whose area they lived.