Council Minutes and Agendas

Full Council Minutes and Agendas


Full Council (Virtual meeting)  Meeting 8.9.2020 Agenda

Full Council (Virtual meeting) Extraordinary Meeting 16.7.2020 Agenda

Full Council (Virtual meeting) 7.7.2020 AgendaAGAR 2019-2020,  significant variance report, Minutes

Full Council (Virtual meeting)  2.6.2020  Agenda , Minutes

Full Council (Virtual meeting) 19.5.2020 Agenda, Minutes

Full Council – Extraordinary Meeting 24.3.2020 CANCELLED  Agenda  –   CANCELLED

Full Council 3.3.2020 Agenda Minutes

Full Council 4.2.2020 Agenda, Minutes

Full Council 7.1.2020 Agenda, Minutes


Ful Council 3.12.19 Agenda,  Minutes

Full Council 5.11.19 Agenda, Minutes

Full Council  1.10.19  Agenda, Minutes

Full Council 3.9.19 Agenda, Minutes

Full Council 2.7.19 Agenda, Minutes

Full Council 4.6.19 Agenda, Minutes

Full Council Annual Meeting 14.5.19 Agenda Minutes, BUDGET FY19-20 amended

Full Council 2.4.19 Agenda, Minutes

Full Council 5.3.19 Agenda,Minutes

Full Council 5.2.19 Agenda, Minutes

Full Council 8.1.19 Agenda,Minutes, BUDGET 19-20


Meeting Schedule

*** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many Council meetings had to be cancelled. Virtual Meeting will now be held as required ***

Full Council 7.30pm

7th Jan 

4th Feb

3rd March

10th March –  Annual Assembly of Electors 7.30pm

AGENDAMinutes 2019 – Draft

24th March – Extraordinary Meeting Agenda  – CANCELLED

7th April  – CANCELLED 

12th May    Annual Meeting- CANCELLED 

19th May – Virtual Meeting 

2nd June – Virtual Meeting

7th July – Virtual Meeting

16th July – Virtual Meeting Extraordinary Meeting

8th September – Virtual Meeting

Open Spaces Minutes and Agendas


Open Spaces Meeting 19.11.19 Agenda, Minutes

Open Spaces Meeting 10.09.19 Agenda , Minutes

Open Spaces Meeting 9.7.19 Agenda ,  Minutes

Open Spaces Meeting 4.6.19 Agenda Open Spaces 4.6.19Minutes

Open Spaces Meeting 23.4.19  Agenda,  Minutes

Open Spaces Meeting 12.3.19 – CANCELLED

Open Spaces Meeting 12.2.19Agenda, Minutes

Open Spaces Meeting 15.1.19 Agenda, Minutes


Meeting Schedule

Open Spaces 7.30pm

7th Jan 

25th Feb 

31st March

Further dates to be confirmed following the Annual Meeting in May