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If you notice bad flooding on the road, please report it

Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 5pm, call 0300 555 1288 to report to Hampshire County Council.

Out of hours, please call 101.

Accounts for the Financial year 2020/2021

Completion of Audit of Annual Accounts 2020/2021

Notice of Conclusions Of Audit Notice of conclusion of audit

Notice of Public Rights 2020-21

Eversley Parish Council Annual Governance & Accountability Return –  Section 1  

Eversley Parish Council Annual Governance & Accountability Return – Section 2  

Eversley Parish Council Annual Governanace & Accountability Return – Section 3

Eversley Parish Council Annual Governance & Accountability Return – Internal Audit Report

Eversley Parish Council – Significant variances_2020-21

Eversley Parish Council, – Significant variances explanation 2020-21 

There were no matters which required the issuing of a separate or additional issues report


    Eversley Parish Council is going to replace the play area at Cross Green,

    next to the pond and cricket pitch, and would welcome your suggestions.

    Please click on survey below to give your views:



    PLEASE NOTE: Speedwatch cannot currently operate due to Covid-19 restrictions.


    Application for permission to create Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) on Land South Of Eversley Road And East Of Marsh Lane, Marsh Lane, Eversley, Hook, Hampshire.

    In response to an informal letter from Obsidian, a development company, to seek its views on the creation of SANG on this site, the Parish Council sent the following reply:

    Proposed Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANG) – Land South of Eversley Road and East of Marsh Lane, Eversley Cross.

    Thank you for your letter of 31 July. I am sorry for the time taken to reply. This is because your letter arrived after the Parish Council meeting in July and could not be considered until September, when the Council next met.

    Eversley Parish Council notes that the reference to Eversley Cross on your website still states that Obsidian will be promoting the land for residential development and a large strategic SANG. This implies that your proposal is not a “standalone SANG proposal” as stated in your letter of 31st July.

    Eversley Parish Council takes the view that any proposal to create SANG in this locality should be for the whole 60 acres, since the adjacent land between Marsh Lane and Chequers Lane has already been deemed unsuitable for residential development.  This would have the additional benefits of better connections to the local rights of way network and existing public spaces, increasing pedestrian access and minimising the increase in vehicular traffic associated with the proposal.

    Obsidian have now applied formally for permission to create SANG and have also replied to EPC’s letter as follows:

    Many thanks for your email regarding our proposals for a SANG at Eversley Cross. 

    The proposals for the creation of a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace is to be located at Land South of Eversley Road and East of Marsh Lane only; this is a 16.0 hectare site. The proposals have been carefully prepared strictly in accordance with Natural England’s guidance and in consultation with the representatives of Natural England.  Such a proposal is required to meet relevant technical specifications such as the provision of a minimum 2.3 km long continuous natural circular footpath and minimal man-made structures or features. The proposed site has the capability of complying with Natural England’s guidance for SANG which Natural England has confirmed in writing. 

    We have very recently submitted a planning application for the proposed natural green space at Land to the south of Eversley Road and East of Marsh Lane to Hart District Council; the application has just been registered with the Council and the statuary consultation exercise is expected to commence within the next 7 days. The Parish Council will be consulted as part of that process.

    The planning application does not, as we stated in our letter to the Parish Council, comprise any residential development nor does the application accompany any other planning applications or proposals for residential development.  In this respect, the submitted proposal is for a standalone accessible natural greenspace.

    For further information on the proposals, the planning application is viewable at by searching the application reference – 20/02308/FUL.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you wish to discuss the proposals in further detail or require any further information. 

    Kind Regards, 

    The Eversley Cross SANG Proposal Team


    Accounts for the Financial year 2019/2020

    Completion of Audit of Annual Accounts 2019/2020

    Notice of Conclusions Of Audit  Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2019/2020

    Notice of Public Rights 2019-2020

    Eversley Parish Council Annual Governance & Accountability Return  2019-20 – Annual Internal Audit Report

    Annual Governance & Accountability Return sections 1 & 2

    Annual Governance & Accountability Return section 3

    There were no matters which required the issuing of a separate or additional issues report


    17 JULY 2020

    All 4 play areas in Eversley are now open. Please refer to the following guidance and use the play areas safely and responsibly.

    Playground guidance poster Covid

    Many thanks.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)


    From today, a new helpline is up and running for frail or vulnerable residents who do not have the support of families, friends or their local communities and who urgently need assistance with essential food or household supplies, collection of medication, or who are at risk of loneliness. 

    The Coronavirus Hampshire Helpline – HantsHelp4Vulnerable – can be contacted on 0333 370 4000. The helpline is available seven days a week, from 9am to 5pm. 

    please use the following hash tags 





    Fleet Aid & Relief is offering 24/7 phone support to anyone who needs it at 01252 309840. They are working with Hampshire County Council and Hart Voluntary Action to offer this support across the entire Hart District area. Visit


    Apply for emergency COVID-19 funding!

    The National Lottery and the Government have launched a £200m fund to support organisations to continue to deliver services to people and communities affected by COVID-19. The fund is part of the Government’s £750m financial support package for charities and social enterprises announced by Government on 8th April.

    This fund will prioritise organisation that support people and communities who experience disproportionate challenges and difficulty because of COVID-19, those who provide services and support for vulnerable people, for which there will be increased demand because of COVID-19, and organisations that connect and support communities to work together to respond to COVID-19.

    For full details and to apply visit…/learn-about-applying-…


    Trusted sources of information:

    NHS advice can be found here.

    The latest government guidance can be found here.

    If you can help in any way, please sign up with Hart Voluntary Action.

    If you are self-isolating at home and need help or support of any kind, please contact

    Hart Voluntary Action

    01252 815652 or email

    or visit the website:


    South East Water

    Save water this summer advert – PDF[43028]

    Thames Water

    Thames Water have asked us to send around information on the Thames Water priority service that they run for customers who may need extra support.

    By signing up to Thames Water’s free priority services register, Thames Water can tailor their services to residents and prioritise how they support residents if there is an interruption in supply or you have other issues.

    Residents can sign up the Thames Water register if they or a family member:

    • are eligible for a pension
    • have restricted mobility or a physical disability
    • have a chronic or serious illness
    • need a consistent  supply of water for a medical condition or equipment (such as dialysis or skin conditions)
    • in need of foreign language or further communication support (such as dyslexia)
    • have problems making decisions that affect your daily life (such as dementia)
    • are registered blind or partially sighted
    • are deaf or hard of hearing
    • are living with a mental health condition
    • are experiencing temporary life changes
    • are a family with young children under 5

    For further information and to sign up to the priority service please see the link below.


    Household Tip – need to register

    Soon you’ll need to register your car with Hampshire County Council in order to continue using the household tip free of charge. Please visit  for more info and to register now.


    Accounts for the Financial year 2018/19

    Completion of Audit of Annual Accounts 2018/19 

    AGAR sections 1 and 2 AGAR 2018-19

    AGAR Form 2018-19 section 3 – section 3 AGAR 2018-19 

    Notice of Conclusion of Audit Notice of conclusion of audit

    There were no matters which required the issuing of a separate additional issues arising report.

    Receipts and Payments – Accounts for year ending 31st March 2019  –Annual Accounts 2018-19


    Accounts for the Financial year 2017/18

    Completion of Audit of Annual Accounts 2017/18

    AGAR Form 2017-18 section 1 and 2  – AGAR sections 1 and 2 

    AGAR Form 2017-18 section 3 AGAR section 3 

    Notice of Conclusion of Audit  Conclusion of Audit

    There were no matters which required the issuing of a separate additional issues arising report.

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